Our Basic Fitness Gym Memberships are currently offered at our Almaden Valley location. Avoid the crowds, experience ultimate convenience, and benefit from the expertise of a Personal Trainer Team as the staff of our private, boutique fitness setting.

The Alternative to the High Volume Health Club

Not your typical health club, Optimum Results makes equipment available to basic gym members that is typically reserved only for personal training clients at high volume health clubs. For only about 50 bucks a month you’ll actually have fun achieving your goals as you move dynamically using tubing, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, reebok core boards, bosu balls, foam rollers, and more on your way to fitness success!

  • Learn to apply our proven system to achieve your ideal body!
  • Avoid getting lost in the shuffle at a high volume health club!
  • We’re not satisfied when you enroll…we’re satisfied when you reach your goals!

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